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Iraq Military Situation Report

Isis announces Islamic caliphate in area straddling Iraq and Syria

ISIL crucifies 9 men in Syria’s Aleppo: NGO

Graham: A-10 Proponents ‘Getting Close’ on Appropriations Language

Congress to Cut Key U.S. Missile Defense System

Today in Cold War History
1955 – The U.S. began funding West Germany’s rearmament.
1956 – A TWA Super Constellation and a United Airlines DC-7 collide above the Grand Canyon in Arizona and crash, killing all 128 on board both planes. It is the worst-ever aviation disaster at that point in time.
1958 – The U.S. Congress passed a law authorizing the admission of Alaska as the 49th state in the Union.
1959 – A United States Air Force F-100 Super Sabre from Kadena Air Base, Okinawa, crashes into a nearby elementary school, killing 11 students plus six residents from the local neighborhood.
1960 – US stops sugar import from Cuba
1960 – Congo gains independence from Belgium.
1964 – The last of U.N. troops left Congo after a four-year effort to bring stability to the country.
1969 – Nigeria bans Red Cross aid to Biafra.
1971 – The crew of the Soviet Soyuz 11 spacecraft are killed when their air supply escapes through a faulty valve.
1974 – Russian ballet dancer Mikhail Baryshnikov defected in Toronto, Canada.
1977 – U.S. President Jimmy Carter announced his opposition to the B-1 bomber.
1985 – Thirty-nine American hostages from the hijacked TWA Flight 847 are freed in Beirut after being held for 17 days.
1990 – East Germany and West Germany merge their economies.

Nigeria: ‘Boko Haram’ attack villages near Chibok



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Show Notes:

ISIS attack on Turkey could force U.S. response

Lashmar, Paul, “Stalin’s ‘Hot’ War,” New Statesman & Society, vol. 9, no. 388, Feburary 2, 1996

BREAKING! There May Be Enough Invalidated Votes to Overturn Cochran Victory …Update: 800 Hinds County Voters Crossed Over Illegally

BREAKING: McDaniel Supporters Barred From Reviewing Voter Rolls in Nine Mississippi Counties

According to this Marine, we are already in Stage 3 of the coming Islamic Caliphate…not that most people in the West seem to care

Today in Cold War History for june 27

1950 – Two days after North Korea invaded South Korea, U.S. President Truman ordered the Air Force and Navy into the Korean conflict. The United Nations Security Council had asked for member nations to help South Korea repel an invasion from the North.
1952 – Guatemala passes Decree 900, ordering the redistribution of uncultivated land.
1954 – The Obninsk Nuclear Power Plant, the world’s first nuclear power station opens in Obninsk, near Moscow.
1954 – CIA-sponsored rebels overthrow elected government of Guatemala
1962 – NASA civilian pilot Joseph Walker takes X-15 to 6,606 kph, 37,700 m
1963 – USAF Major Robert A Rushworth in X-15 reaches 86,900 m
1973 – Nixon vetoed a Senate ban on bombing Cambodia.
1974 – U.S. president Richard Nixon visits the Soviet Union.
1976 – Air France Flight 139 (Tel Aviv-Athens-Paris) is hijacked en route to Paris by the PLO and redirected to Entebbe, Uganda.
1977 – France grants independence to Djibouti.
1980 – Italian Aerolinee Itavia Flight 870 mysteriously explodes in mid air while in route from Bologna to Palermo, killing all 81 on board. Also known in Italy as the Ustica disaster
1981 – The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China issues its “Resolution on Certain Questions in the History of Our Party Since the Founding of the People’s Republic of China”, laying the blame for the Cultural Revolution on Mao Zedong.
1982 – Space Shuttle Columbia launched from the Kennedy Space Center on the final research and development flight mission, STS-4.
1985 – U.S. Route 66 is officially removed from the United States Highway System.
1986 – The World Court ruled that the U.S. had broken international law by aiding Nicaraguan rebels.
1990 – Salman Rushdie, condemned to death by Iran, contributes $8600 to help their earthquake victims

Sources: US letting Benghazi suspects off hook, recent arrest ‘small potatoes’


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Thad and Barbour sink low to steal election


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The NY update w/Cat Hernandez

Iraq crisis: the country is facing imminent break up, say Western diplomats

Syrian warplanes carried out airstrikes in western Iraq

Gang of five men ‘smashed American tourist’s eye socket with bottle after they saw him drinking in east London street – three days after he arrived in Britain’

Gunmen fire on landing Pakistan plane, killing one

Today in Cold War History
1947 – The Diary of a Young Girl (better known as The Diary of Anne Frank) is published.
1948 – The Soviet Union tightened its blockade of Berlin by intercepting river barges heading for the city.
1948 – The Berlin airlift begins.
1950 – The Korean War begins with the invasion of South Korea by North Korea.
1959 – The Cuban government seized 2.35 million acres under a new agrarian reform law.
1960 – Madagascar gains independence from France
1960 – Two cryptographers working for the United States National Security Agency left for vacation to Mexico, and from there defected to the Soviet Union.
1962 – The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the use of unofficial non-denominational prayer in public schools was unconstitutional.
1975 – Mozambique achieves independence.
1976 – The Soweto Uprising in South Africa leaves 174 blacks and two whites dead following 10 days of rioting
1982 – Greece abolishes the head shaving of recruits in the military.
1986 – The U.S. Congress approved $100 million in aid to the Contras fighting in Nicaragua.
1991 – The last Soviet troops left Czechoslovakia 23 years after the Warsaw Pact invasion.
1991 – Croatia and Slovenia declare their independence from Yugoslavia.

Putin Scores Another Historic Victory: Austria Signs South Stream Pipeline Deal In Defiance Of Europe


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Show Notes:

Trail Of Lost IRS Emails Might Lead To White House

MSM cofferdam around IRS scandal springs a leak

CHINA: More Muslim terror as 5 police officers are killed in cold blood, allegedly by Uighur Muslim terrorists

CRIKEY! Australian Jihadis Are Now Seeking Muslim Recruits For Middle East Takeover

Libya’s detention centres accused of torturing migrants and refugees

Today in Cold War History for june 23
1956 – The French National Assembly takes the first step in creating the French Community by passing the Loi Cadre, transferring a number of powers from Paris to elected territorial governments in French West Africa.
1956 : A series of rebel attacks in Algeria are targeting Europeans with French members of the community targeted mostly, in the last 7 days 23 have been killed and over 150 injured mostly in shooting attacks by small commando groups.
1959 – Convicted Manhattan Project spy Klaus Fuchs is released after only nine years in prison and allowed to emigrate to Dresden, East Germany where he resumes a scientific career.
1960 – Japan signs security treaty with the US
1960 – The United States Food and Drug Administration declares Enovid to be the first officially approved combined oral contraceptive pill in the world.
1961 – Cold War: the Antarctic Treaty, which sets aside Antarctica as a scientific preserve and bans military activity on the continent, comes into force after the opening date for signature set for the December 1, 1959.
1967 – Cold War: U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson meets with Soviet Premier Alexei Kosygin in Glassboro, New Jersey for the three-day Glassboro Summit Conference.
1972 – 45 countries leave the Sterling Area, allowing their currencies to fluctuate independently of the British Pound.
1982 – Chinese American Vincent Chin dies in a coma after being beaten in Highland Park, Michigan on June 19, by two auto workers who had mistaken him for Japanese and who were angry about the success of Japanese auto companies.
1985 – A terrorist bomb aboard Air India Flight 182 brings the Boeing 747 down off the coast of Ireland killing all 329 aboard.
1986 – Tip O’Neill refuses to let President Reagan address House

Activists: Israeli air raids kill 10 Syrian troops

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Isis storms Saddam-era chemical weapons complex in Iraq

61Elibiary’s tweets

Who is Elibiary?

Boko Haram expands

Cold War history

The Border


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iheart radio1SHOW NOTES:

Isis storms Saddam-era chemical weapons complex in Iraq

DHS Adviser’s Anti-American Tweets Celebrated by ISIS Terrorists

Who Is Mohamed Elibiary?

Boko Haram Infiltrates Cameroon

Muslim Who Lived On Disability Pension In Australia Well Enough to Wage Jihad In Syria

Today in Cold War History for June 20
1949 – Central Intelligence Agency Act passes
1960 – The Mali Federation gains independence from France (it later splits into Mali and Senegal).
1963 – The so-called “red telephone” link is established between the Soviet Union and the United States following the Cuban Missile Crisis.
1972 – Watergate scandal: An 18½-minute gap appears in the tape recording of the conversations between U.S. President Richard Nixon and his advisers regarding the recent arrests of his operatives while breaking into the Watergate complex.
1973 – Ezeiza massacre in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Snipers fire upon left-wing Peronists. At least 13 are killed and more than 300 are injured.
1976 : As the fighting continues to escalate in Beirut and with westerners now facing increasing danger after the murder of the American ambassador Francis Meloy. Westerners are being evacuated by the US military and taken to safety in Syria.
1977 – The Trans-Alaska Pipeline began operation.
1979 – ABC News correspondent Bill Stewart is shot dead by a Nicaraguan soldier under the regime of Anastasio Somoza Debayle. The murder is caught on tape and sparks an international outcry against the regime.
1979: President Jimmy Carter climbed onto the White House roof to celebrate the installation of solar power panels. The 32 solar panels on the White House cost $28,000 and generated enough energy to provide hot water for the entire 132-room mansion. President Ronald Reagan removed the panels in 1986, saying the energy crisis of the 1970s was a thing of the past.
1982 – The Argentine base Corbeta Uruguay on Southern Thule surrenders to Royal Marine commandos in the final action of the Falklands War.
1991 – The German Bundestag votes to move the capital from Bonn back to Berlin.

Border Agents Quitting Over Catch and Release of Known Gang Members



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Darrell Issa Subpoenas Lois Lerner’s Hard Drive

60Vatican vs Pelosi

Justina goes home

Prices rising

Redskins robbed

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Show Notes:

ISIS/ISIL set sights on next target: Jordan

Blowback! U.S. trained ISIS at secret Jordan base

Isis fighters attack Iraq’s biggest oil refinery

9/11 Benghazi Attack ‘Mastermind’ Who Hid in Plain Sight for Years Captured by US Forces

Obama’s Arrest of The Benghazi Suspect Is A Proven Scandal

Today in Cold War History june 18
1951 – General Vo Nguyen Giap ended his Red River Campaign against the French in Indochina.
June 18, 1953 Australian POWs released at Panmunjon
1953 – Egypt was proclaimed to be a republic with General Neguib as its first president.
1953 – The Egyptian Revolution of 1952 ends with the overthrow of the Muhammad Ali Dynasty and the declaration of the Republic of Egypt.
1953 – A United States Air Force C-124 crashes and burns near Tachikawa, Japan, killing 129.
1956 Last of foreign troops leaves Egypt (British and French forces attempted to seize the Canal)
1959 Governor of Louisiana Earl K. Long is committed to a state mental hospital; he responds by having the hospital’s director fired and replaced with a crony who proceeds to proclaim him perfectly sane.
1959 1st telecast transmitted from England to U.S.
1965 – Vietnam War: The United States uses B-52 bombers to attack National Liberation Front guerrilla fighters in South Vietnam.
1977 – Space Shuttle test model “Enterprise” carries a crew aloft for 1st time, It was fixed to a modified Boeing 747
1979 President Carter and Leonid I Brezhnev sign SALT 2 treaty
1981 – The Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk, the first operational aircraft initially designed around stealth technology, makes its first flight.
1983 – Space Shuttle program: STS-7, Astronaut Sally Ride becomes the first American woman in space.
1983 IRA’s Joseph Doherty arrested in NYC
1991 Boris Yeltsin, president of Russia, arrives in U.S.

Canada OKs oil pipeline to the Pacific Coast




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U.S. evacuates embassy as bombs, fighting rock Iraq

To Understand the Crisis in Iraq, Follow the Pipelines








How US Policy Enabled the Rise of Al Qaeda 2.0 and the Collapse of Iraq

Russia cuts gas to Ukraine, flows to EU threatened

48 Kenyans dead: Witness: Gunmen spared Muslims

Today in Cold War History for June 16
1948 – Members of the Malayan Communist Party kill three British plantation managers in Sungai Siput; in response, British Malaya declares a state of emergency.
1955 – In a futile effort to topple President Juan Perón, rogue aircraft pilots of the Argentine Navy drop several bombs upon an unarmed crowd demonstrating in favor of Perón in Buenos Aires, killing 364 and injuring at least 800. At the same time on the ground, some forces soldiers attempt to stage a coup but are suppressed by loyal forces.
1955 – The U.S. House of Representatives voted to extend Selective Service until 1959.
1958 – Imre Nagy, Pál Maléter and other leaders of the 1956 Hungarian Uprising are executed.
1961 – Rudolf Nureyev defects from the Soviet Union.
1972 – Ulrike Meinhof was captured by West German police in Hanover. She was co-founder of the Baader-Meinhof terrorist group and the Red Army Faction (Rote Armee Fraktion).
1975 – The Simonstown agreement on naval cooperation between Britain and South Africa ended. The agreement was formally ended by mutual agreement after 169 years.
1976 – Soweto uprising: a non-violent march by 15,000 students in Soweto, South Africa turns into days of rioting when police open fire on the crowd.
1977 – Leonid Brezhnev was named the first Soviet president of the USSR. He was the first person to hold the post of president and Communist Party General Secretary. He replaced Nikolai Podgorny.
1978 – U.S. President Carter and Panamanian leader Omar Torrijos ratified the Panama Canal treaties.
1981 – U.S. President Ronald Reagan awards the Congressional Gold Medal to Ken Taylor, Canada’s former ambassador to Iran, for helping six Americans escape from Iran during the hostage crisis of 1979-81; he is the first foreign citizen bestowed the honor.
1989 – Revolutions of 1989: Imre Nagy, the former Hungarian Prime Minister, is reburied in Budapest following the collapse of Communism in Hungary.

‘They Keep Coming’: The ‘Rehearsed’ Answers Illegal Immigrants Are Using at the Border to Gain Entry Into the U.S.

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