Cold War Radio #302

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Russia’s Trap: Luring Sunnis into War

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Hillary Clinton’s History: How Huma Abedin Went from Intern to Top Adviser

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cwr1_mugsISIS Gets Syrian Air Defense System

Russia’s Trap: Luring Sunnis into War

Today In Cold War History
1950 : Truman had announced what he called a “non-political” campaign, which was intended to help democrats run for seats in Congress. Part of President Harry Truman’s plan was to wait until after the primary elections to assist any democrat in winning, in any state.
1951 Soviet Union Complains to UN over Korea Conflict . Only a year after a treaty was signed between the Soviet Union and China, the Soviet leader Joseph Stalin had criticized the UN (United Nations). He had referred to the UN as “a weapon of aggressive war.” This statement was made just under a year after the start of the Korean conflict. At this time the United States, South Korea, and other members of the United Nations were advocating against the North Koreans and communist China.
1959 – Fidel Castro becomes Premier of Cuba after dictator Fulgencio Batista was overthrown on January 1.
1960 – The U.S. Navy submarine USS Triton begins Operation Sandblast, setting sail from New London, Connecticut, to begin the first submerged circumnavigation of the globe.
1961 – Explorer program: Explorer 9 (S-56a) is launched.
1968 – In Haleyville, Alabama, the first 9-1-1 emergency telephone system goes into service.
1978 – The first computer bulletin board system is created (CBBS in Chicago).
1985 – Hezbollah is founded.
1986 – The Soviet liner MS Mikhail Lermontov runs aground in the Marlborough Sounds, New Zealand.
1987 – The trial of John Demjanjuk, accused of being a Nazi guard dubbed “Ivan the Terrible” in Treblinka extermination camp, starts in Jerusalem.
1989 Investigators in Lockerbie, Scotland, said a Semtex bomb and an electronic timer hidden inside a Toshiba radio cassette player in a case in the cargo hold had brought down Pan Am Flight 103 the previous December, killing all 259 people aboard and 11 on the ground.
1991 – Nicaraguan Contras leader Enrique Bermúdez is assassinated in Managua.

Catholic Bishops Plan ‘Dialogue’ With Islamists

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