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Explosive reports today!

58Russian tanks in Ukraine

Iraq lost?

Rusky bombers buzz USA

Diaper duty on the border

Tune in tonight!


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Russian Bombers Fly Within 50 Miles of California Coast

EXPLOSIVE: Filmmaker ‘Behind The Benghazi Attack’ Found To Be A CONFIRMED MUSLIM Agent Who Worked With US Government

Hillary Says She Won’t Turn Over Benghazi Notes

Child Immigrant Facility ‘Dog And Pony Show’ Invite Comes With Tons Of Rules

Ex-border agents: Immigrant flood ‘orchestrated’

Today in Cold War History
1949 – Bao Dai entered Saigon to rule Vietnam. He had been installed by the French.
1951 – U.N. troops seized Pyongyang, North Korea.
1952 – Catalina affair: a Swedish Douglas DC-3 is shot down by a Soviet MiG-15 fighter.
1955 – Mir Mine, the first diamond mine in the USSR, is discovered.
1956 – After 72 years, Britain gives up Suez Canal to Egyptian control
1963 – Vostok 6 launched, pilot is 1st woman cosmonaut
1967 : The Soviet Union has demanded the United Nations Security Council for an immediate vote on a resolution condemning Israel’s aggression in the six-day war and demanding the withdrawal of Israeli troops from Arab territories.
1971 – The New York Times began publishing the “Pentagon Papers”. The articles were a secret study of America’s involvement in Vietnam.
1978 – Israeli Defense Forces withdraw from Lebanon.
1981 “At the Trooping the Colour ceremony in London, a teenager, Marcus Sarjeant, fires six blank shots at Queen Elizabeth II.”
1983 – Pioneer 10 becomes the first man-made object to leave the central Solar System when it passes beyond the orbit of Neptune (the furthest planet from the Sun at the time).
1991 : Boris Yeltsin wins first Russian elections for Russia’s first popularly-elected president. The vote inflicts a heavy defeat on the ruling Communist Party which has ruled since the revolution in 1917.

Cold War-style spy games return to melting Arctic



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