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Shoebat intimidation,Assad missed deadline* Kisinger says Russia strategy due to Islamic threat* 77 DEAD, 120 wounded in suicide bombing attack on Christian church in Pakistan* Hillary Issues Ultimatum to Huma — Leave Anthony Weiner, or You’re History* Egypt bans MB* Questions on Common Core? “Shut up,” they explained* People starting to be affected by ObamaCare*
Army veteran charged with joining terrorists in Syria pleads guilty to lesser charge
Savage Boko Haram attack on Nigeria town leaves scores dead
America’s “Little Mogadishus” Produced 3 of the Kenya Al Qaeda Terrorists

Palin: GOP Critics of Sen. Cruz are ‘Gutless, Rudderless’

Arizona to Deny Drivers Licenses to ALL Illegal Aliens Granted ‘Deferred Deportation’ by Obama

Today in Cold War history 9/23
1949, President Harry S. Truman announced there was evidence the Soviet Union had recently conducted a nuclear test explosion. (The test had been carried out on Aug. 29, 1949.)
1950 – Korean War: The Battle of Hill 282 the first US friendly-fire incident on British Military personnel since World War II occurred.
1955 – Pakistan signs Pact of Baghdad
1958 – US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1959 – Iowa farmer and corn breeder Roswell Garst hosts Soviet premier Nikita Khrushchev.
1973 – Juan Perón returns to power in Argentina.
1976 – Soyuz 22 returns to Earth
1982 – US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1983 – Saint Kitts and Nevis joins the United Nations.
1983 – Gulf Air Flight 771 is bombed, killing all 117 people on board.
US Coptic Christians Come to Aid of Believers Persecuted in Egypt



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Coordinated attack on Washington Naval Shipyard, Gun Control crowd on the march, look for rifle prices to go back up, Russian Foreign minister mocks exceptionalism, Can’t believe official stories, Wind investments blow Pickens off of the Forbes 400 list, Colorado recall groups now aiming for repeal of new gun law, As skies clear, thousands still unaccounted for in Colorado floods
DHS internal report: Navy Yard shooting has ‘no known connection to terrorism’

BREAKING: Alleged Navy Yard Shooter, Aaron Alexis, Registered Democrat and Obama Supporter?
Aaron Alexis, Suspect In Washington Navy Yard Shooting, Was Once Arrested For Shooting Bullet Into Neighbor’s Home
Shooting occurred during National Emergency Preparedness Month
Read more:

Military Activity Seen at Turkey’s Incirlik Air Base
As Navy Yard Shooting Distracts, France Fuels Syria War Machine
Bolton: Syrian Pact ‘Will Die a Death by a Thousand Cuts’

TIME Magazine, the Obama Regime’s chief water carrier

Today In Cold War History
1955 – The military coup to unseat President Juan Perón of Argentina is launched at midnight.
1955 – A Soviet Navy Zulu class submarine becomes the first submarine to launch a ballistic missile.
1963 – Malaysia is formed from the Federation of Malaya, Singapore, North Borneo (Sabah) and Sarawak. However, Singapore soon leaves this new country.
1970 – King Hussein of Jordan declares military rule following the hijacking of four civilian airliners by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP). This results in the formation of the Black September Palestinian paramilitary unit.
1975 – Papua New Guinea gains its independence from Australia.
1975 – The Cape Verde Islands, Mozambique, and Sao Tome and Principe join the United Nations.
1975 – The first prototype of the MiG-31 interceptor makes its maiden flight.
1980 – Saint Vincent and the Grenadines join the United Nations.
1982 – Sabra and Shatila massacre in Lebanon.
1991 – The trial of the deposed Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega begins in the United States.
CBS Reporter: Kerry Tells Congress He Won’t Make Benghazi Survivors Available for Questioning, Subpoenas Could Be Coming


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Boehner, Rubio down to 5th in NH, Syria chemical weapons attack not ordered by Assad says German press, David Axelrod: Lack of Syria Strike Shows U.S. in ‘Fetal Position’, Kerry sorta gives Assad a week to turn over chemical weapons or US will launch ‘unbelievably small’ attack, Karl Rove and Juan Williams really get into it over Benghazi, Chris Wallace calls out WH COS on Benghazi suspects, Obama Has No Red Line for Beheading, Raping Girls and Killing Christians, CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin: UN, NATO are “legitimate substitutes” for congressional authorization for US military action
Syria crisis: Assad warns US it will ‘pay the price’ if threatened missile strikes happen
Benghazi Whistleblower: I’ve Been ‘Punished’ for Speaking Out (audio)

When will the Obama Morons figure out that a man who identifies so strongly with Muslims is no friend to America?
Only the Obama-Morons Believe Him Now

Poland Confiscates Half Of Private Pension Funds To “Cut” Sovereign Debt Load
1948 – Kim Il-sung declares the establishment of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.
1950     Massive arrests of communists in France
1964     East Germany government allows short visits to West Germany
1965     Tibet is made an autonomous region of China
1967 – 1st successful Test flight of a Saturn V
1967 – Uganda declares independence from Great Britain
1970 – A British airliner is hijacked by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and flown to Dawson’s Field in Jordan.
1975 – Viking 2 Mars probe launch
1990 – George Bush & Mikhail Gorbachev meet in Helsinki & urge Iraq to leave Kuwait
1991 – Tajikstan declares independence from the Soviet Union.
BREAKING >> Washington  DC Denied Permit For “2 Million Biker Ride In DC” but gave “Million Muslim March” 1

net neutrality

A brief summary of a session i attended:
The Net Neutrality Act is another regulation that seems good on the surface but peel back the layers and we have a potential nightmare. This Act puts the the government in full control of the internet communications, Similar to the old Telephone monopolies back in the day. The idea is equal access and prioritization of communications, but we already have anti-trust laws on the books and these should be used instead. The Appeallate Courts will be hearing this case on the 9th of September.
What the FCC is doing here is trying to take total control of all comunications. You see, internet is classified as ‘class 2’ communications. With FCC control they will move it to “class 1”, like phone service. The drive by telecomunications companies to VOIP (voice over internet protocol) is disturbing to the FCC. Telecomunications companies are wanting to switch to all VOIP because its cheaper and its less regulated as class 2.
Another issue is spectrum, Spectrum is the total volume of frequencies. Not to get too technical, Spectrum is what makes all communications possible. Think of it as a pie. The Government currently has the largest slice. In fact they hold 70% compared to private sectors mear 30%. The government is hoarding much of it even though they are only using a fraction of spectrum. This is why our cable,phone,internet costs so much. This creates a bidding war for the availible spectrum between the telecommunications companies for their slice of the spectrum
FOX, CBS, ABC and other large media companies buy spectrum even if they are not using all of it. This is a clever attempt to squeeze out future competition.
Another attempt by the governments is to create public internet under the ruse of getting broadband to rural areas. So far there are about 100 of these public networks but they all are in urban areas. Furthermore it has been a total boondoggle for local tax payers. One example of this is Provo, Utah. The taxpayers funded a public FIOS network there for 39 million dollars, Provo ended up selling it to Google Fibre for $1 because Provo had no idea how to manage a network. -MRJA.   learn more at

lib protest outside RO/DADS13

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Hand full of Protesters i caught on video while being transported by a shuttle (video) Protest was put together by Rep Alan Grayson. Turnout was light to say the least. In Fact Grayson himself didn’t even show. Bet the 90+ degree temperature and 70% humidity was  something he just was not interested in. Too bad for these useful idiots. This tiny band of morons never even got close to any of the venues, instead spent their day choking on shuttlebus fumes -Mrja

Right Online/Defending Summit

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team ninja

Team NewsNinja ^

Many thanks to John Grant with the405radio and Americans For Prosperity Foundation. They put on a great event.  One breakout session i attending was about net neutrality and how it will effect us. Perhaps we will do a future show on this topic.

The VIP’s were very kind and gracious and access was somewhat limited by time but all in all i am pleased. Ted Cruz obviously stole the show. Greg Gutfeld, Ron johnson, and David Horowitz were all fantastic. Rubio gave a great speech despite what the MSM reported. Other than a few hecklers, it was top notch. Fl Governor also did well, some shouts of ‘stop common core’ was heard but he laughed it off and kept rolling without missing a beat.

It was awesome meeting the 405radio team, They all exceeded my expectations. Could not ask for a more classy and gracious group.

Many thanks to the followers and supporters who make what we do possible. Hope to do more events and get even better coverage.

Until next time, Best regards from Cold War Radio!

David Horowitz Interview

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Hutch Bailie and David Horowitz

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Show Notes:

David Horowitz started the Center for the Study of Popular Culture (now the David Horowitz Freedom Center) in 1988. Over the next 18 years, he attracted 50,000 contributing supporters and established programs such as The Wednesday Morning Club, the Individual Rights Foundation, Students for Academic Freedom, and FrontPage Magazine, the Center’s online journal of news and political commentary., launched in 2005, is the largest publicly accessible database defining the chief groups and individuals of the Left and their organizational interlocks. Since 2003, the Center has promoted an Academic Bill of Rights to support students’ academic freedom, and free the American university from political indoctrination and renew its commitment to true intellectual diversity.

Discover the Networks

Mention Michelle Bachman, Huma Abedin and policy in Egypt, Libya and Syria

Frank Gaffney and Suhail Khan MB influence on government especially GOP

Academic Bill of Rights

David Horowitz at UCSD 5/10/2010

Front Page Magazine

Restoration Weekend