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Russia’s Putin warns West over restive Ukraine

Ukraine crisis: Kiev powerless as east slips out of its control

China poised to pass US as world’s leading economic power this year

EU firms help power China’s military rise

Hillary Clinton’s Problem Isn’t Age —- It’s Experience

Colombia deploys military might to crush farmers’ strike before election

Today in Cold War History
1948 – In Bogotá, Colombia, the Organization of American States is established.
1951 Iran Nationalize Oil Fields 30th April 1951 : The Iranian government has voted to nationalize the countries oil fields which will be taken over from Anglo Iranian Co immediately and transferred to Government Ownership to ensure the wealth created from the nations reserves is used for the Iranian People.
1955 West German unions protest for 40-hour work week and more wages
1961 – K-19, the first Soviet nuclear submarine equipped with nuclear missiles, is commissioned.
1961 Lee Harvey Oswald marries Marina Prusakova in Minsk U.S.S.R.
1961 Premier Fidel Castro of Cuba receives Lenin-Peace Prize
1967 Highest tower to the world finished, 537m (U.S.S.R.)
1975 – Fall of Saigon: Communist forces gain control of Saigon. The Vietnam War formally ends with the unconditional surrender of South Vietnamese president Duong Van Minh.
1980 – The Iranian Embassy Siege begins in London.
1984 Chad Civil War : The Libya Prime minister has offered to withdraw Libyan troops from Chad if France will also withdraw from the former French African Colony , The French are supporting the current regime while the Libyans are supporting the rebel army.
1990 U.S. hostage Frank Reed freed after 4 years in hands of pro-Iranians

Gen. Paul Vallely: Impeach Obama for Benghazi ‘Cover-Up’



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Exclusive: Kerry Warns Israel Could Become ‘An Apartheid State’

China accused of anti-Christian campaign as church demolition begins


Britain, France deploy fighter jets for NATO Baltic patrols

CAIR spokesbaghead speaks on behalf of the Somali Muslim 15 year-old stowaway’s family

GREAT NEWS! Egypt sentences 680 more Muslim Brotherhood thugs and their spiritual leader to death

Today in Cold War History for April 28
1952 – Dwight D. Eisenhower resigns as Supreme Allied Commander of NATO.
1952 – The United States occupation of Japan ends as the Treaty of San Francisco, ratified September 8, 1951, comes into force.
1952 – The Sino-Japanese Peace Treaty (Treaty of Taipei) is signed in Taipei, Taiwan between Japan and the Republic of China to officially end the Second Sino-Japanese War.
1965 – United States occupation of the Dominican Republic: American troops land in the Dominican Republic to “forestall establishment of a Communist dictatorship” and to evacuate U.S. Army troops.
1970 – Vietnam War: U.S. President Richard M. Nixon formally authorizes American combat troops to fight communist sanctuaries in Cambodia.
1975 – General Cao Van Vien, chief of the South Vietnamese military, departs for the US as the North Vietnamese Army closed in on victory.
1977 – The Red Army Faction trial ends, with Andreas Baader, Gudrun Ensslin and Jan-Carl Raspe found guilty of four counts of murder and more than 30 counts of attempted murder.
1978 – President of Afghanistan, Mohammed Daoud Khan, is overthrown and assassinated in a coup led by pro-communist rebels.
1986 – The United States Navy aircraft carrier USS Enterprise becomes the first nuclear-powered aircraft carrier to transit the Suez Canal, navigating from the Red Sea to the Mediterranean Sea to relieve the USS Coral Sea.
1986 – Chernobyl, USSR site of world’s worst nuclear power plant disaster
1987 – American engineer Ben Linder is killed in an ambush by U.S.-funded Contras in northern Nicaragua.
1989 – Argentina, hit by rocketing inflation, runs out of money
1989 – Iran protests sale of “Satanic Verses” by Salman Rushdie

Dark days for Baghdad on eve of Iraqi elections


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Pentagon: Russian Spy Ship, Tug Operating Near U.S.

Soviet Yearnings: Hopes Rise in Transnistria of a Russian Annexation

Guest Paul Janiczek introduction
Before VICE News correspondent Simon Ostrovsky was detained on April 21 and held by pro-Russia separatists in Sloviansk, he filed this dispatch featuring an interview with his future captor, the city’s self-appointed “people’s mayor,” Vyacheslav Ponomarev. Simon was released on Thursday.

Simon went to Sloviansk to investigate reports of a shooting at a checkpoint outside of the city on Easter Sunday. At least three people were reportedly killed in the incident. Pro-Russia forces and Russian media outlets quickly blamed the Ukrainian nationalist group Right Sector for the assault. After interviewing local Ukrainian police, who couldn’t confirm the number of deaths, Simon attended a briefing where he questioned Ponomarev directly about the alleged shooting.

New far-right mayor moves to quash Paris region mosque

And Then There Is Everything Else: Summary Of All The Ignored Conflicts And Crises Around The World

Zero-hours contracts not controlled if Scotland votes yes – Ed Miliband

Today in Cold War History for April 25
1951 – Korean War: Assaulting Chinese forces are forced to withdraw after heavy fighting with UN forces, primarily made up of Australian and Canadian troops, at the Battle of Kapyong.
1954 – British raid Nairobi Kenya (25,000 Mau Mau suspects arrested)
1959 – The St. Lawrence Seaway, linking the North American Great Lakes and the Atlantic Ocean, officially opens to shipping.
1960 – The U.S. Navy submarine USS Triton completes the first submerged circumnavigation of the globe.
1972 – Vietnam War: Nguyen Hue Offensive – The North Vietnamese 320th Division forces 5,000 South Vietnamese troops to retreat and traps about 2,500 others northwest of Kontum.
1974 – Carnation Revolution: A leftist military coup in Portugal overthrows the fascist Estado Novo regime and establishes a democratic government.
1975 – As North Vietnamese forces close in on the South Vietnamese capital Saigon, the Australian Embassy is closed and evacuated, almost ten years to the day since the first Australian troop commitment to South Vietnam.
1976 – Cub centerfielder Rick Monday rescues US flag from 2 fans trying to set it on fire
1982 – Israel completes its withdrawal from the Sinai Peninsula per the Camp David Accords.
1983 – American schoolgirl Samantha Smith is invited to visit the Soviet Union by its leader Yuri Andropov after he read her letter in which she expressed fears about nuclear war.
1983 – Pioneer 10 travels beyond Pluto’s orbit.
1990 – Violeta Chamorro takes office as the President of Nicaragua, the first woman to hold the position.

Exclusive: Assassination Threat from Mexico Against Family of Arizona Sheriff


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Japan expands army footprint for first time in 40 years, risks angering China

Deadly Shootout at Sloviansk Breaks Ukraine’s Easter Truce

Islamic Militants Boko Haram Claim Deadly Nigeria Bus Station Bombing

DOJ ordered to release memo justifying strike on US citizen in Yemen

Drone strikes alone won’t stamp out al Qaeda in Yemen: analysts

Kidnapped French journalists: we were chained together in underground cells

1948 Arab-Israeli War: Haifa, a major port of Israel, is captured from Arab forces.
1951 – Korean War: The Chinese People’s Volunteer Army begin assaulting positions defended by the Royal Australian Regiment and the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry at the Battle of Kapyong.
1952 – An atomic test conducted in Nevada was the first nuclear explosion shown on live network television.
1954 – Red Scare: Witnesses begin testifying and live television coverage of the Army-McCarthy Hearings begins.
1955 – Congress orders all US coins bear motto “In God We Trust”
1967 – Martial Law goes into effect in Greece
1970 – The first Earth Day is celebrated.
1971 – Soyuz 10 launched
1972 – Vietnam War: Increased American bombing in Vietnam prompts anti-war protests in Los Angeles, New York City, and San Francisco.
1972 – Apollo astronauts John Young & Charles Duke ride on Moon
1983 – Great Britain performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1983 – Soyuz T-8 returns to Earth
1987 – Sri Lanka Air Force bomb Tamil, 100s killed
1990 – Lebanon release US hostage Robert Polhill after 39 months

Dog tags may solve a 70-year-old mystery for West Delray man


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Flying Blind
Russia Blocks U.S. from Treaty-Approved Spy Flights

Leaflet tells Jews to register in East Ukraine

Putin admits for the first time that unmarked Russian troops WERE in Crimea as he warns Ukraine that Moscow reserves the right to use force in the east

Europe’s African Refugee Crisis: Is the Boat Really Full?

Raising specter of genocide, US Ambassador Power slams ‘industrial-style slaughter’ in Syria

Sweden: Muslims set up homemade traffic control, stop cars, set up roadblocks, police do nothing

Today in Cold War History for april 18
1948 – International Court of Justice opens at Hague Netherlands
1949 – Republic of Ireland withdraws from British Commonwealth
1949 – The keel for the aircraft carrier USS United States is laid down at Newport News Drydock and Shipbuilding. However, construction is canceled five days later, resulting in the Revolt of the Admirals.
1954 – Gamal Abdal Nasser seizes power in Egypt.
1955 – 29 nations meet at Bandung, Indonesia, for the first Asian-African Conference.
1956 – Egypt & Israel agree to a cease fire
1961 – The Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, a cornerstone of modern international relations, is adopted.
1968 – London Bridge is sold to US oil company (to be erected in Arizona)
1978 – Senate votes to turn Panama Canal over to Panama on Dec 31, 1999
1980 – The Republic of Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia) comes into being, with Canaan Banana as the country’s first President. The Zimbabwe Dollar replaces the Rhodesian Dollar as the official currency.
1983 – A suicide bomber destroys the United States embassy in Beirut, Lebanon, killing 63 people.
1988 – The United States launches Operation Praying Mantis against Iranian naval forces in the largest naval battle since World War II.

Rate of Christian girls abducted and attacked by extremists on the rise in Egypt


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The Crisis in Ukraine Intensifies

Slaughter in Nigeria — Where Is the State Department?

Oliver North’s Expertise on Iran-Contra for ‘The Americans’ Stirs


China’s President Xi urges greater military use of space

Scottish independence would ‘damage’ Britain’s defence

Today in Cold War History for April 16
1947 – Bernard Baruch coins the term “Cold War” to describe the relationship between the United States and the Soviet Union.
1951 – British submarine Affray sank in English Channel, killing 75
1962 – Brazil nationalizes US businesses
1965 – Test flight of heavy Saturn S-1C-rocket
1968 – The Pentagon announced that troops would begin coming home from Vietnam.
1972 – Apollo program: The launch of Apollo 16 from Cape Canaveral, Florida.5th manned lunar landing (Decartes Highlands)
1972 “Vietnam War: Nguyen Hue Offensive Prompted by the North Vietnamese offensive, the United States resumes bombing of Hanoi and Haiphong.”
1975 – The Khmer Rouge Rebels won control of Cambodia after five years of civil war. They renamed the country Kampuchea and began a reign of terror.
1982 – Queen Elizabeth proclaimed Canada’s new constitution in effect. The act severed the last colonial links with Britain.
1983 – China shelled the Vietnam border in retaliation for raids.
1983 – Brazil detained four Libyan planes en route to Nicaragua after finding weapons, explosives and ammunition on the planes.

U.S. Postal Service Joins DHS, Social Security Admin, NOAA in Ammo Purchases


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Ukraine soldier dies in gun battle as tensions rise in eastern cities

Searching for Deterrence: Ukraine Crisis Exposes Gaps Between Berlin and NATO

Moscow turns off Voice of America radio

Indian Socialist Party Leader: Rape Victims ‘Should Be Hanged’

Norway’s to Open First ‘Muslim Only’ School, Replacing Ethics Classes with Islam

Kicking down doors of High River gun controversy

Today in Cold War History for April 14
1949 – International Military Tribunal at Neurenberg’s last judgment
1952 – A B36 Bomber failed to take off from Fairchild Air Force Base near Spokane This was the worlds largest bomber with 10 engines and 15 out of the 17 crew were killed during take off .
1953 – Viet-Minh offensive in Laos
1958 – The Soviet satellite Sputnik 2 falls from orbit after a mission duration of 162 days.
1978 – 1978 Tbilisi Demonstrations: Thousands of Georgians demonstrate against Soviet attempts to change the constitutional status of the Georgian language.
1981 – STS-1 – The first operational space shuttle, Columbia (OV-102) completes its first test flight.
1984 – President Reagan Said he will continue aid to El Salvador despite critics as it was an important step in stopping the influence of Soviet Union in South America
1986 – In retaliation for the April 5 bombing in West Berlin that killed two U.S. servicemen, U.S. president Ronald Reagan orders major bombing raids against Libya, killing 60 people.
1988 – The USS Samuel B. Roberts strikes a mine in the Persian Gulf during Operation Earnest Will.
1988 – In a United Nations ceremony in Geneva, Switzerland, the Soviet Union signs an agreement pledging to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan.
1991 – The Republic of Georgia introduces the post of President after its declaration of independence from the Soviet Union.

US Navy christens huge $3 billion destroyer ship USS Zumwalt that appears as a fishing boat on enemy radar