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Thad and Barbour sink low to steal election


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The NY update w/Cat Hernandez

Iraq crisis: the country is facing imminent break up, say Western diplomats

Syrian warplanes carried out airstrikes in western Iraq

Gang of five men ‘smashed American tourist’s eye socket with bottle after they saw him drinking in east London street – three days after he arrived in Britain’

Gunmen fire on landing Pakistan plane, killing one

Today in Cold War History
1947 – The Diary of a Young Girl (better known as The Diary of Anne Frank) is published.
1948 – The Soviet Union tightened its blockade of Berlin by intercepting river barges heading for the city.
1948 – The Berlin airlift begins.
1950 – The Korean War begins with the invasion of South Korea by North Korea.
1959 – The Cuban government seized 2.35 million acres under a new agrarian reform law.
1960 – Madagascar gains independence from France
1960 – Two cryptographers working for the United States National Security Agency left for vacation to Mexico, and from there defected to the Soviet Union.
1962 – The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the use of unofficial non-denominational prayer in public schools was unconstitutional.
1975 – Mozambique achieves independence.
1976 – The Soweto Uprising in South Africa leaves 174 blacks and two whites dead following 10 days of rioting
1982 – Greece abolishes the head shaving of recruits in the military.
1986 – The U.S. Congress approved $100 million in aid to the Contras fighting in Nicaragua.
1991 – The last Soviet troops left Czechoslovakia 23 years after the Warsaw Pact invasion.
1991 – Croatia and Slovenia declare their independence from Yugoslavia.

Putin Scores Another Historic Victory: Austria Signs South Stream Pipeline Deal In Defiance Of Europe


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