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Show Notes:

Trail Of Lost IRS Emails Might Lead To White House

MSM cofferdam around IRS scandal springs a leak

CHINA: More Muslim terror as 5 police officers are killed in cold blood, allegedly by Uighur Muslim terrorists

CRIKEY! Australian Jihadis Are Now Seeking Muslim Recruits For Middle East Takeover

Libya’s detention centres accused of torturing migrants and refugees

Today in Cold War History for june 23
1956 – The French National Assembly takes the first step in creating the French Community by passing the Loi Cadre, transferring a number of powers from Paris to elected territorial governments in French West Africa.
1956 : A series of rebel attacks in Algeria are targeting Europeans with French members of the community targeted mostly, in the last 7 days 23 have been killed and over 150 injured mostly in shooting attacks by small commando groups.
1959 – Convicted Manhattan Project spy Klaus Fuchs is released after only nine years in prison and allowed to emigrate to Dresden, East Germany where he resumes a scientific career.
1960 – Japan signs security treaty with the US
1960 – The United States Food and Drug Administration declares Enovid to be the first officially approved combined oral contraceptive pill in the world.
1961 – Cold War: the Antarctic Treaty, which sets aside Antarctica as a scientific preserve and bans military activity on the continent, comes into force after the opening date for signature set for the December 1, 1959.
1967 – Cold War: U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson meets with Soviet Premier Alexei Kosygin in Glassboro, New Jersey for the three-day Glassboro Summit Conference.
1972 – 45 countries leave the Sterling Area, allowing their currencies to fluctuate independently of the British Pound.
1982 – Chinese American Vincent Chin dies in a coma after being beaten in Highland Park, Michigan on June 19, by two auto workers who had mistaken him for Japanese and who were angry about the success of Japanese auto companies.
1985 – A terrorist bomb aboard Air India Flight 182 brings the Boeing 747 down off the coast of Ireland killing all 329 aboard.
1986 – Tip O’Neill refuses to let President Reagan address House

Activists: Israeli air raids kill 10 Syrian troops

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