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CWR 26


Obama to Kill Tomahawk, Hellfire Missile Programs

Pacific Cmdr.: U.S. lacks ability to conduct successful amphibious assaults

China to have nuclear missiles on subs soon: US admiral;_ylt=AwrBEiTSxzFT7QYAZ_vQtDMD

A Cambodian Spring Tsunami

Western governments see continuing Russian buildup on Ukraine   border

Today In Cold War History for March 28
1946 – The United States State Department releases the Acheson–Lilienthal Report, outlining a plan for the international control of nuclear power.
1947 – The American Helicopter Society revealed a flying device that could be strapped to a person’s body.
1951 – First Indochina War: In the Battle of Mao Khe, French Union forces, led by World War II hero Jean de Lattre de Tassigny, inflict a defeat on Việt Minh forces commanded by General Võ Nguyên Giáp.
1959 – The State Council of the People’s Republic of China dissolves the Government of Tibet.
1962 – Military coup in Syria, President Nazim al-Kudsi flees
1962 – The U.S. Air Force announced research into the use of lasers to intercept missiles and satellites.
1968 – The U.S. lost its first F-111 aircraft in Vietnam when it vanished while on a combat mission. North Vietnam claimed that they had shot it down.
1979 – A coolant leak at the Three Mile Island’s Unit 2 nuclear reactor outside Harrisburg, Pennsylvania leads to the core overheating and a partial melt down.
1986 – The U.S. Senate passed $100 million aid package for the Nicaraguan contras.
1986 – More than 6,000 radio stations of all format varieties played “We are the World” simultaneously at 10:15 a.m. EST.
1990 – In Britain, a joint Anglo-U.S. “sting” operation ended with the seizure of 40 capacitors, which can be used in the trigger mechanism of a nuclear weapon.
1991 – The U.S. embassy in Moscow was severely damaged by fire.

In military rout, Russia seizes 51 Ukrainian ships in Crimea

Illegal Immigrants Released into Texas to Ease Over-Crowding of Detention Centers


EXPOSED: Main Street Republicans host new attack on conservatives

California State Sen. Leland Yee charged with promising guns, missiles from Muslim group to agent for campaign donations

Russian troops said to be hiding positions, creating supply lines near Ukraine border

Disarmament Under Way in Ukraine as Requirement of European Union
Fracking must start by end of year, says Cameron: PM wants Britain to reduce dependence on Russian gas




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