Right Online/Defending Summit

Posted: September 1, 2013 in Uncategorized

team ninja

Team NewsNinja ^

Many thanks to John Grant with the405radio and Americans For Prosperity Foundation. They put on a great event.  One breakout session i attending was about net neutrality and how it will effect us. Perhaps we will do a future show on this topic.

The VIP’s were very kind and gracious and access was somewhat limited by time but all in all i am pleased. Ted Cruz obviously stole the show. Greg Gutfeld, Ron johnson, and David Horowitz were all fantastic. Rubio gave a great speech despite what the MSM reported. Other than a few hecklers, it was top notch. Fl Governor also did well, some shouts of ‘stop common core’ was heard but he laughed it off and kept rolling without missing a beat.

It was awesome meeting the 405radio team, They all exceeded my expectations. Could not ask for a more classy and gracious group.

Many thanks to the followers and supporters who make what we do possible. Hope to do more events and get even better coverage.

Until next time, Best regards from Cold War Radio!

  1. Had a great time and it was really great to be able to say that the whole team now “knows each other” Thanks!

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