Cold War Radio #295

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What is at Stake for America in Bernie vs. Hillary

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cwr1_mugsThe Hypnotic Dance Of Death

Turkey’s All-Out War on Kurds and Media

Karl Marx’s ‘Communist Manifesto’ Ranked Among Top Three Assigned College Texts

What is at Stake for America in Bernie vs. Hillary

Today In Cold War History
1948 – The Pakistan Socialist Party is founded in Karachi.
1967 – The “ultimate high” of the hippie era, the Mantra-Rock Dance, takes place in San Francisco and features Janis Joplin, Grateful Dead, and Allen Ginsberg.
1976 : Twelve bombs have been exploded in London’s West End during the night, most of Oxford Street is closed for the rest of the day while searches by the bomb squad continue for more bombs. The IRA later admitted it had planted the bombs as part of it’s campaign against the British government.
1985 : Oxford University delivers snub to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher by refusing her an honorary degree. ( Becoming the first Oxford educated prime minister since the war to be denied the honour. )
1987 : Rebels to the Aquino government take control the Channel 7 building in Manila and the President of the Philippines Corazon Aquino orders troops to fire tear gas into the building on the rebels who have occupied the building for the last two days. They quickly surrender with no shots fired.
1989 – Hungary establishes diplomatic relations with South Korea, making it the first Eastern Bloc nation to do so.
1989 : The maker of the Yugo automobile had gone out of business and file for bankruptcy. The Yugo was a car that was very popular for awhile in the 1980’s because of its very low price. However, apparently quite a bit of customers “got what they paid for”.
The Yugo was a failure because it was so poorly-designed. It was even said that the body was pierce-able with a wooden pencil.
1991 – Gulf War: The Battle of Khafji, the first major ground engagement of the war, as well as its deadliest, begins. It took place in and around the Saudi Arabian city of Khafji, from 29 January to 1 February 1991 and marked the culmination of the Coalition’s air campaign over Kuwait and Iraq, which had begun on 17 January 1991. The 1st and 5th Mechanized Divisions and 3rd Armored Division were ordered to conduct a multi-pronged invasion toward Khafji, engaging American, Saudi and Qatari forces along the coastline. These three divisions, which had been heavily damaged by Coalition aircraft in the preceding days, attacked on 29 January. Most of their attacks were repulsed by U.S. Marines as well as U.S. Army Rangers and Coalition aircraft, but one of the Iraqi columns occupied Khafji on the night of 29–30 January. By 1 February, the city had been recaptured at the cost of 43 Coalition servicemen dead and 52 wounded

South Carolina House Passes Bill Excluding Sharia Law From State Courts

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