Cold War Radio #257

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51% Of U.S. Muslims Want Sharia


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51% Of U.S. Muslims Want Sharia

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cwr1_mugsThe Obama Intifada

UAE To US Lawmaker: We Have A Right To Enrich Uranium, Too

Today In Cold War History
1949 – Nikos Zachariadis, leader of the Communist Party of Greece, announces a “temporary cease-fire”, effectively ending the Greek Civil War.
1949 – The diplomatic relations between the Soviet Union and the German Democratic Republic are established.
1964 – China detonates its first nuclear weapon.
1964 – Soviet leaders Leonid Brezhnev and Alexei Kosygin are inaugurated as General Secretary of the CPSU and Premier, respectively and the collective leadership is established.
1968 – United States athletes Tommie Smith and John Carlos are kicked off the US team for participating in the 1968 Olympics Black Power salute.
1970 – In response to the October Crisis terrorist kidnapping, Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau of Canada invokes the War Measures Act. In 1970, members of the FLQ kidnapped British diplomat James Cross and Quebec provincial cabinet minister Pierre Laporte, who was later murdered. What is now referred to as the October Crisis raised fears in Canada of a militant terrorist faction rising up against the government. The use of the War Measures Act to address the problem presented by the FLQ was well supported by Canadians in all regions of Canada, according to a December Gallup Poll. However, there were many vocal critics of the Government action, including New Democratic Party leader Tommy Douglas, who said, “The government, I submit, is using a sledgehammer to crack a peanut.”
1975 – The Balibo Five, a group of Australian-based television journalists based in the town of Balibo in the then Portuguese Timor (now East Timor), are killed by Indonesian troops. In 2007, an Australian coroner ruled that they had been deliberately killed by Indonesian special force soldiers. The official Indonesian version is that the men were killed by cross-fire during the battle for the town. In the opinion of The Economist, the Australian government has never challenged this, as it was focused on developing relations with Indonesia.
1986: A terrorist attack on Israeli soldiers and their families at the wailing wall by throwing grenades into the crowd yesterday caused the death of 1 person and injured a further 69. The PLO ( Palestinian Liberation Organization ) has claimed responsibility.

Feds Quietly Put Pork Roast Back on Prison Menus After Questions From GOP Lawmaker

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