Cold War Radio #255

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The Million Man Fraud Comes To Washington

Farrakhan Discusses 10th Anniversary Of The Million Man March

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The Million Man Fraud Comes To Washington

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Abbas Must Be Stopped

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cwr1_mugsRussia Adds 111 Warheads Under Arms Treaty

Paul Ryan Is the Absolute Worst Choice for Speaker

Today In Cold War History
1950 – Goyang Geumjeong Cave massacre started.
1952 : The US Defense department has released the latest figures on those killed so far in the Korean War, it now stands at 120,269. The Army draft call for the month of December has been announced and it will be 47,000.
1967 – A day after being captured, Marxist revolutionary Ernesto “Che” Guevara is executed for attempting to incite a revolution in Bolivia.Che Guevara had created a guerrilla force in Bolivia operating as the ELN (Ejército de Liberación Nacional de Bolivia; / “National Liberation Army of Bolivia”), fighting against Bolivian military when he was captured and executed.
He had been involved in a number of revolutions including Cuba ( Under Castro ) during his life and was still a revolutionary fighter when he died at 39 years old in Bolivia
1969 – In Chicago, the United States National Guard is called in for crowd control as demonstrations continue in connection with the trial of the “Chicago Eight” that began on September 24.
1970 – The Khmer Republic is proclaimed in Cambodia.
1981 – Abolition of capital punishment in France.
1983 – Rangoon bombing: Attempted assassination of South Korean President Chun Doo-hwan during an official visit to Rangoon, Burma. Chun survives but the blast kills 17 of his entourage, including four cabinet ministers, and injures 17 others. Four Burmese officials also die in the blast.
1985 : The terrorists who had taken the passengers and crew of the Achille Lauro hostage agree to release the hostages on condition of safe passage to Tunisia. The next day the aircraft is intercepted by F-14A Tomcats (stationed on the USS Saratoga, CV-60) and directed to land at Naval Air Station Sigonella, a N.A.T.O. base in Sicily where the hijackers are arrested by the Italians.
1989 – An official news agency in the Soviet Union reports the landing of a UFO in Voronezh.

Citing Failures, Pentagon Scraps Syrian Rebel Training Program

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