Cold War Radio #253

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White Supremacism Is The New Black


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Exclusive: Tories Move To Strip Citizenship From Canadian-Born Terrorist

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White Supremacism Is The New Black

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cwr1_mugsObama Is Going To Get A U.S. Pilot Killed


Today In Cold War History
1945 – Hollywood Black Friday: A six-month strike by Hollywood set decorators turns into a bloody riot at the gates of Warner Brothers’ studios.
1947 – The first televised White House address is given by U.S. President Harry S. Truman.
1966 – Near Detroit, Michigan, there is a partial core meltdown at the Enrico Fermi demonstration nuclear breeder reactor.
1968 – Police baton civil rights demonstrators in Derry, Northern Ireland – considered to mark the beginning of The Troubles.
1970 – The Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) is founded.
1970 – Montreal: British Trade Commissioner James Cross is kidnapped by members of the FLQ terrorist group, triggering the October Crisis.
1974 – Guildford pub bombings: bombs planted by the Provisional Irish Republican Army (IRA) kill four British soldiers and one civilian.
1975 – Operation Primicia: terrorist attack against a Military Regiment at Formosa, Argentina.Operation Primicia (“Operation Scoop”) was a large guerrilla attack that took place on October 5, 1975, in Formosa, Argentina. It was the largest attack carried out by the paramilitary group Montoneros, which attempted to seize the barracks of the 29th forest’s infantry regiment. This attack worsened the Dirty War, and led to the 1976 Argentine coup d’état the following year.
1982 – Chicago Tylenol murders: Johnson & Johnson initiates a nationwide product recall in the United States for all products in its Tylenol brand after several bottles in Chicago are found to have been laced with cyanide, resulting in seven deaths.
1984 – Marc Garneau becomes the first Canadian in space, aboard the Space Shuttle Challenger.
1986 – Israeli secret nuclear weapons are revealed. The British newspaper The Sunday Times runs Mordechai Vanunu’s story on its front page under the headline: “Revealed — the secrets of Israel’s nuclear arsenal”.

Iran: Missiles Pointed at U.S. Targets

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