Cold War Radio #252

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Putin Has His Own No-Fly Zone in Syria


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Putin Has His Own No-Fly Zone in Syria

Hamburg To Seize Commercial Property To House Migrants

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cwr1_mugsWhite House Reveals End Game For Massive Immigration

MSM Lies About Muslim Lies

Today In Cold War History
1949: 500,000 CIO Steel workers have closed down the nations foundries, steel and Iron mills demanding pensions and better working conditions and wages, they now join the 400,000 coal miners on strike bringing the total on strike to nearly one million workers.
1949 – USSR recognizes People’s Republic of China
1963 – W German Chancellor Adenauer condemns western grain shipments to USSR
1967 – Thurgood Marshall is sworn in as the first African-American justice of United States Supreme Court.
1968: More than 25 people have been killed during a vicious gun battle in Mexico where Student riots threaten Mexico Olympics. Thousands of students had gathered to protest against the military occupation of the National Polytechnic Institute.
1971: Strikes By Miners and longshoremen cause docks and mines to close throughout the US with 140,000 on strike
1975 – The Ulster Volunteer Force kill 7 civilians in a series of attacks across Northern Ireland; 6 were Catholic civilians and 1 was a Protestant civilian
1979 – Pope John Paul II denounces all forms of concentration camps and torture while speaking at the U.N. in New York City.
1980 – Michael Myers becomes the first member of either chamber of Congress to be expelled since the Civil War.
1984 – 3 cosmonauts return after a record 237 days in orbit
1985: In London and Liverpool gangs of black youths are continuing to fight with local police forces and rioting in areas where racial tension is at it’s worst. The youths are making gasoline bombs which they are then using to firebomb shops in these areas.
1986 – Sikhs attempt to assassinate Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi
1990 – Xiamen Airlines Flight 8301 is hijacked and lands at Guangzhou, where it crashes into two other airliners on the ground, killing 128.

Phoenix Bishop Rallies Catholic Men In ‘Call To Arms’ Against Enemies Of Western Culture

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