Cold War Radio #247

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A Special Spot in Hell for Hillary Clinton


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#BlackLivesMatter Goes To The White House

Invoking the ‘Nuclear Option’ Against the Iranian Nuke Deal

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cwr1_mugsHow Russia Invaded Ukraine

A Special Spot in Hell for Hillary Clinton

Today In Cold War History
1947 – The United States Air Force becomes an independent branch of the United States Armed Forces.
1947 – The National Security Council and the Central Intelligence Agency are established in the United States under the National Security Act.
1959 – Vanguard 3 is launched into Earth orbit.
1960 – Fidel Castro arrives in New York City as the head of the Cuban delegation to the United Nations.
1962 – Burundi, Jamaica, Rwanda and Trinidad and Tobago are admitted to the United Nations.
1964 – North Vietnamese Army begins infiltration of South Vietnam.
1973 – The Bahamas, East Germany and West Germany are admitted to the United Nations.
1975 – Patty Hearst is arrested after a year on the FBI Most Wanted List.(Symbionese Liberation Army)
1977 – Voyager I takes first photograph of the Earth and the Moon together.
1980 – Soyuz 38 carries two cosmonauts (including one Cuban) to Salyut 6 space station.
1981 – Assemblée Nationale votes to abolish capital punishment in France.
1988 – End of pro-democracy uprisings in Myanmar after a bloody military coup by the State Law and Order Restoration Council. Thousands, mostly monks and civilians (primarily students), are killed by the Tatmadaw.
1990 – Liechtenstein becomes a member of the United Nations.
1991 – Yugoslavia begins a naval blockade of seven Adriatic port cities.

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