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Calls Mount For Hillary Clinton Criminal Investigation Amid Email Data Breach Fears

Surrender Like a Boy Scout

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cwr1_mugsTime For Conservatives To Get Medieval On The Liberal Establishment

Burqa Ban Expanding In Africa

Today In Cold War History
1948 – Whittaker Chambers accuses Alger Hiss of being a communist and a spy for the Soviet Union.
1957 : Rebel resistance and strikes were plaguing President Fulgenico Batista’s government in Cuba. Fidel Castro’s forces poured down from their secret mountain hide- out to fight with Batista’s troops. A news blackout was in effect. The revolutionary stronghold in Santiago De Cuba had armed men demand gas from a gas station and then set fire to it.
1958 – The nuclear submarine USS Nautilus travels beneath the Arctic ice cap.
1959 – Portugal’s state police force PIDE fires upon striking workers in Bissau, Portuguese Guinea, killing over 50 people.
1960 – Niger gains independence from France.
1961 : President John F. Kennedy got approval from Congress to spend $958 million to purchase missiles, planes, and war ships to bolster the American military.
This arms build up was felt to be needed because of the communist threat to West Berlin and other areas. Kennedy got powers from Congress to call 250,000 reservists into active duty and to extend their tour of duty for one year.
1972 – The United States Senate ratifies the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty.
1977 : As of today the CIA has spent a total of $25 million over 25 years started in 1950 to study mind control and brainwashing. Research was done by Dr. D. Ewen Cameron on sensory deprivation, isolation, and his own methods of “psychic driving”. He did these experiments at McGill University in Montreal. The psychiatric patients that Cameron used as subjects were damaged for life. The CIA also funded drug experiments on patients and staff at Memorial Hospital in Providence, Rhode Island. Brainwashing experiments were also done at Cornell University Medical Center and Dr. Carl Pfeiffer did LSD studies on federal inmates in Atlanta, and the Bordentown Reformatory in New Jersey from 1955-64.
1978 : Israel retaliates after Palestinian terrorists bomb a Tel Aviv market by sending in bombers to a guerrilla base southern Lebanon
1981 : 13,000 Air traffic controllers walked off the job today in hopes that the U.S. federal government would agree to their demands for better pay. President Ronald Reagan had warned them they would be fired if they went on strike and a short time later he did have them fired.
1989 : Flight 007, a Korean Air Lines plane, shot down in Soviet territory six years ago killing all 269 passengers. After 6 years 137 family members won $50 million in damages. In court the jury deemed that the pilot was guilty of “wilful misconduct”.

Report Slams Obama Administration for Doing Nothing to Punish Russian Violation of INF Treaty

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