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France Gets Ready to Cash In on Iran Nuclear Accord


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Trumping Donald: How Conservative Candidates Can Boost Their Polling Numbers

We Now Know Where Lois Lerner’s Emails and Backup Tapes Were Destroyed

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cwr1_mugsFrance Gets Ready to Cash In on Iran Nuclear Accord

U.S. Defense Official: ‘No Meaningful Degradation’ In Islamic State Force From Obama Bomb Campaign

Today In Cold War History
1948 – USS Nevada is sunk by an aerial torpedo after surviving hits from two atomic bombs (as part of post-war tests) and being used for target practice by three other ships.
1960 Elijah Muhammad, leader of Nation of Islam, calls for a black state
1964 – Ranger program: Ranger 7 sends back the first close-up photographs of the moon, with images 1,000 times clearer than anything ever seen from earth-bound telescopes.
1972 – The Troubles: In Operation Motorman, the British Army re-takes the urban no-go areas of Northern Ireland. It is the biggest British military operation since the Suez Crisis of 1956, and the biggest in Ireland since the Irish War of Independence. Later that day, nine civilians are killed by car bombs in the village of Claudy.
On July 31, 1975, James Riddle Hoffa, one of the most influential American labor leaders of the 20th century, disappears in Detroit, Michigan, never to be heard from again. Though he is popularly believed to have been the victim of a Mafia hit, conclusive evidence was never found, and Hoffa’s death remains shrouded in mystery to this day.
1978 : Rhodesian troops, Jet fighters and Bombers attacked Guerrilla bases in Mozambique after crossing the border as they believe they are bases used by terrorists entering Rhodesia
1982 : Iran is continuing to make progress on it’s push towards the capital of Iraq, Baghdad
1987 : The British Attorney General has filed charges against the Sunday Telegraph for publishing three articles repeating details from the Spycatcher book which is banned from publication in the UK. Spycatcher is banned in the UK because Peter Wright who worked for MI5 as a a Senior Intelligence Officer is in breach of his contract and could damage confidence in British security.
1991 – The United States and Soviet Union both sign the START I Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty, the first to reduce (with verification) both countries’ stockpiles.
1991 Senate votes to allow women to fly combat aircraft
1992 – Georgia joins the United Nations.

Pro-Lifers, Be Wary of Mitch McConnell on Planned Parenthood

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