SOTU – The Lie Detector Determined It’s A Lie

Posted: January 21, 2015 in Uncategorized
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Maury Povich said it best: “The lie detector determined that was a lie”


And so is the State of the Union Address for the most part.

Obama announces:

Tonight, after a breakthrough year for America, our economy is growing and creating jobs at the fastest pace since 1999. Our unemployment rate is now lower than it was before the financial crisis. More of our kids are graduating than ever before; more of our people are insured than ever before; we are as free from the grip of foreign oil as we’ve been in almost 30 years.

Not so Fast, Barrack. Your so-called fast-paced job creation doesn’t hold water. Most of the created jobs are low wage part time low skill temp work. Census data confirms median family income dropped nearly 4% since you took office. More proof that the wage increase of 40 cents per hour YOUR labor department is touting is not enough for American families to keep up. Barrack fails to mention that the labor participation rate is now at 62.7%, the lowest level since 1978. But that’s how you drive down the ‘unemployment’ numbers, don’t count those who gave up looking or who’s unemployment benefits ran out. Rather count everything that might be construed as a job created, i.e. the under employed.

The “More of our kids are graduating” line doesn’t tell the whole story either. You see Mr. Obama, The only reason there was a slight increase in graduations is because we have more children in the school system. It’s called population growth. The Graphs of graduation rates largely remains  flat with slight undulations up and down over the decade.

“More of our people are insured” bit also requires some scrutiny. Pre-Obamacare unisured was around 40 million, Post Obamacare insured is about 40 million. By most accounts, a slight .2% drop in the number of uninsured may be accurate. Does that justify the billions spent? With people forced to buy coverage for things they will never need, guess what? The American family loses again. Oh and the best part: The IRS gets to take your refund away. Also, the CBO (who have been very friendly with Obamacare) says in 2023 there will still be in excess of 30 million uninsured. By that time, the program will have cost in excess 1.3 Trillion, and that is likely another CBO underestimate. Remember Jonathan Gruber?

And now to oil! Barrack says “we are free from the grip of foreign oil”. As if he had a hand in this. Isn’t this precious from a guy who is looking to see electricity prices skyrocket. The guy who said boldly, “We cannot drill our way to lower oil prices”. All these drill permits that got us lower gas prices came from pre-Obama Presidents. Mr Veto is doing everything he can to block the XL pipeline. This President is no friend of cheap energy.

Barrack goes on to say:

Tonight, for the first time since 9/11, our combat mission in Afghanistan is over.

But as Politico points out: Actually, the bullets are still flying in Afghanistan.

But there’s little doubt those missions will involve what almost anyone would consider “combat” — American forces coming into contact with the enemy. In fact, Obama late last year issued an order explicitly authorizing U.S. commanders in Afghanistan to order air strikes if U.S. or allied troops are threatened by the Taliban. And the “counterterrorism” mandate Obama has cited in past could include raids by special operations troops on terrorist hideouts.

As the President continues his ramblings, He gets to his favorite part. I call it the “I got a letter from a woman who….” part.State of Union
In this case it’s the touching story of two love stuck youngsters thrown into a whirlwind of crisis that only Barrack can save them from. Yes its the moving story of Rebekah(former Democratic campaign staffer, and who has been used by Obama for political events in the past) and Ben Erler. Notice Rebekah matters most to this President. Ben scrapes by doing anything he can find, but Rebekah, she does the amazing! See enrolls in Community College. She ‘retools’ and now life is a bowl of cherries! Not exactly. Barrack created a new crisis for these two sparrows in a hurricane. They cant afford their payments on the students loans they took. They  can’t afford the childcare for their storm babies, Jack and Henry. And worse yet, Our love couple has no hope of buying a new car,taking a vacation, and saving for retirement. Ah, the joys of Obama’s ‘middle-class’ economics.
    Later in the speech, Barrack talks about the need for infrastructure. So 6 years go by, A 1 trillion dollar stimulus that promised shovel ready jobs and infrastructure, And we still don’t have it. Folks, the infrastructure line is a ghost from SOTUS’s past. It’s played. As is the I want to stop companies using ‘overseas loopholes’ bit.
Moving right along, Obama goes on to sing the praises of wind energy. “America is number one in wind power”.wt Well sorta, China actually has more capacity. Too bad Barrack didn’t mention that his EPA has been fining energy companies for bird strikes while at the same time encouraging for more turbine building. As Forbes points out, wind energy costs more. Again more pain for middle Americans.
Obama continues by praising his capitulation to Raul Castro and surrendering to Cuba, Modernizing  alliances in the Asia Pacific by “making sure that other nations play by the rules — in how they trade, how they resolve maritime disputes“. Really? China is expanding is maritime boundaries arbitrarily, staking claims in Japan, The Philippines, and the south China sea.
And finally, this whole tight-knit family bit is kind of reminds me of the ‘it takes a village’ garbage Hillary spewed. Allowing our vets to die while waiting for  treatment under your watch is hardly ‘tight-knit’ family like. Obama’s DOJ throwing our street cops under the bus isn’t family like either. Nor is your constant tactic of pitting one group of Americans against another.
   Mr Obama, You have laid no foundation, you have mostly crumbled it.


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