Cold War Radio #148

Posted: January 13, 2015 in Uncategorized

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Angela Merkel To Join Muslim Community Rally In Berlin

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Show Notes:

Fear of an Anti-Muslim Backlash

On the heels of several Islamic terrorist attacks around the world, Nancy Pelosi names a Muslim, yes, a MUSLIM, to House Intelligence Committee

French Muslims Claim “Shape Shifting” Jews Carried Out Paris Attack to Make Muslims Look Bad

PEGIDA Shows no Sign of Slowing as 25,000 March Against Islamisation

Today in Cold War History

1950 : Soviet UN representative Jacob Malik stormed out of A Security Council meeting all in a “huff” on this day. He was angry that his proposal to expel the Nationalist Chinese representative was defeated. This is the second time in a week that Malik had left a meeting mad. The reason he was angry was because he felt that the communist People’s Republic of China is the true Chinese government, therefore the PRC is the government that should be represented, and not the one of Nationalist China.
1951 – First Indochina War: The Battle of Vinh Yen begins, which will end in a major victory for France.
1953 – An article appears in Pravda accusing some of the most prestigious and prominent doctors, mostly Jews, in the Soviet Union of taking part in a vast plot to poison members of the top Soviet political and military leadership.
1954 – Military rule in Egypt; 318 Muslim Brotherhood members arrested
1958 – The Moroccan Army of Liberation ambushes a Spanish patrol in the Battle of Edchera.
1958 – 9,000 scientists of 43 nations petition UN for nuclear test ban
1959 – French President Charles de Gaulle grants amnesty to 130 Algerians sentenced to death
1960 – The Gulag system of forced labor camps in the Soviet Union is officially abolished.
1964 – Anti-Muslim riots break out in Calcutta, resulting in 100 deaths.
1975 – Henry Kissinger hints at military action against oil countries in case of “actual strangulation of the industrialized world” in the wake of oil shock
1982 : In Washington D.C., a Boeing 727 aircraft had crashed into the Potomac River, just two miles from the White House. In the process, 78 people were killed. This crash was caused by bad weather.
1986 – A month-long violent struggle begins in Aden, South Yemen between supporters of Ali Nasir Muhammad and Abdul Fattah Ismail, resulting in thousands of casualties.
1987 – West German police arrest Mohammed Ali Hamadi, suspect in 1985 hijacking
1989 – Computers across Britain hit by “Friday the 13th”/Jerusalem virus
1991 Lithuania Soviet Crackdown Jan. 13th, 1991 : The Soviet Union has cracked down on it’s latest area in the Baltic republic looking for independence. Members of the Government supported independence and encouraged it, but Moscow sent troops to take control of the Television and Radio Centrex where 1,000 protesters had gathered to protect them. Soldiers then smashed through the glass windows of the station and overwhelmed defenders armed with sticks. The Soviet military then proceeded to take control of Government buildings. During the Soviet crackdown 14 civilians were killed and condemnation came from around the world on attacking a peaceful and democratically elected government. Later in the year in September the Baltic states of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia did gain full independence from the Soviet Union and were admitted into the United Nations.

Angela Merkel to join Muslim community rally in Berlin

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