Cold War Radio #144

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Who Is Huma Abedin?

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Show Notes:

3,400 killed in jihad suicide bombings in 2014 — 94% increase

Who Is Huma Abedin

The Left and Our Protectors

The ‘Good War’ Obama Surrendered

Today in Cold War History

1949: President Harry S. Truman gave his “fair deal speech”. He expressed his thoughts on how every American should expect a “fair deal” from the U.S. government. His talk was in response to the New Deal policies that were set in place by President Franklin D. Roosevelt.
1952: Winston Churchill, arrives in the United States for an official visit, his first since re election .
1959: On this day, President Dwight D. Eisenhower established the Middle East as a Cold War battle ground. This happened in order to take action against communism.
One of the additional actions during this time period was also to have troops sent per request of the Lebanon government.
1968: Alexander Dubcek introduced a series of far-reaching political and economic reforms, including increased freedom of speech and the rehabilitation of political dissidents which became known as the “Prague Spring” . In August of that year the Soviet Union answered Dubcek’s reforms with invasion of Czechoslovakia by 600,000 Warsaw Pact troops.
1969 – The Troubles: The Royal Ulster Constabulary raid the Bogside area of Derry, damaging property and beating residents. In response, residents erect barricades and establish Free Derry.
1970: United Mine union leader Jock Joblonski along with his wife and daughter were killed a week before this day. Their bodies were found on July 5th on the family’s farm. Members of the United Mine Workers union leadership were hired for this “project”-the murder of this family.
This action brought down the moral of this entire union, which dissolved some time later. This was the beginning of the end of corruption that took place under the leadership of a man named Tony Boyle, former UMW President.
1972: President Richard Nixon signs a bill authorizing $5.5 million in funding to develop a space shuttle which would represented a giant leap forward in the technology of space travel The first shuttle Columbia is launched in 1981.
1976 – The Khmer Rouge proclaim the Constitution of Democratic Kampuchea.
1976 – The Troubles: In response to the killing of six Catholics the night before, gunmen shoot dead ten Protestant civilians after stopping their minibus at Kingsmill in County Armagh, Northern Ireland, UK.
1985: Operation Moses a secret operation by Israel to airlift thousands of Jewish Ethiopian refugees out of Sudan, has been suspended since news of the covert airlift became public.
1991 – Georgian forces enter Tskhinvali, the capital of South Ossetia, Georgia, opening the 1991–1992 South Ossetia War.

GOP Rep Blasts Boehner Challengers as ‘Bad Actors’ Seeking Media Attention


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