Cold War Radio #142

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U.S. Off War Footing At Year’s End, But Wars Go On

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Show Notes:

Muslim Youths Protect Christians In Kaduna Yesterday

Does Saudi Arabia Rule the World ?

FBI briefed on alternate Sony hack theory

U.S. Off War Footing At Year’s End, But Wars Go On

Today in Cold War History
1947 – King Michael I of Romania is forced to abdicate by the Soviet Union-backed Communist government of Romania.
1949 – India recognizes People’s Republic of China
1950 – Vietnam, Laos & Cambodia become Independent states in France Union
1957 : In an attempt to push the West to recognize them, East Germany ruled that travellers to their territory had to possess East German visas instead of Soviet ones. This law was imposed on diplomats and travellers from Allied countries.
1958 – The Guatemalan Air Force sinks several Mexican fishing boats alleged to have breached maritime borders, killing three and sparking international tension.
1958 : Rebel guerrillas, led by Fidel Castro, are involved in heavy fighting around the town of Santa Clara, the capital of the province of Las Villas.Two days later, Castro and his guerrillas had taken control and President Batista fled the country to the Dominican Republic
1959 – George Washington, 1st ballistic missile sub commissioned
1971 – A member of the Irish Republican Army is killed in a premature bomb explosion in Santry, Dublin.
1971 : 60,000 Iranian men, women and children are deported from Iraq following relations between Iraq and Iran ending.
1972 : President Nixon orders a halt to the bombing of North Vietnam above the 20th Parallel to help with peace negotiations scheduled between Henry A. Kissinger and Le Duc Tho in Paris on Jan 8
1977 – Carter holds 1st news conference by US pres in Eastern Europe (Warsaw)
1988 – Canadian Senate OK’s free trade pact; with US
1988 – Former Soviet Pres Brezhnev’s son-in-law sentenced to 12-yr (bribery)

Six Bodies Of Air Asia Crash Victims Are Found In Water Alongside Tragic Passengers’ Luggage After Wreckage Of Jet Is Discovered

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