Cold War Radio #141

Posted: December 29, 2014 in Uncategorized

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None Dare Call It Treason 50 Years Later

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Show Notes:

The Jihadist Connection to Epidemic Child Abuse

Muslims want to revive impalement as execution method against U.S. led coalition

None Dare Call It Treason 50 Years Later

Erdogan To Chair Cabinet Meeting In Unprecedented Move

Today in Cold War History
1948 – US State Dept announces work on placing objects into Earth orbit
1949 – Hungary nationalized its industries
1951 -1951 -SS Flying Enterprise in trouble in the english channel.
1959 – Physicist Richard Feynman gives a speech entitled “There’s Plenty of Room at the Bottom”, which is regarded as the birth of nanotechnology.
1967 : A Soviet anti-satellite missile was anticipated by the U.S. military because 35% of the Soviet defense allotment was spent on space defense and the technological breakthrough for anti-satellite missiles was expected soon.
1968 – Israeli commandos destroy 13 Lebanese airplanes
1972 : Aspirations that the wall between East and West Germany might come down had been dashed. East Germany was constructing a new fence with strong steel attached to pillars of concrete. Both sides of Germany were expected to join the United Nations, but would be on the opposite side of issues.
1972 – An Eastern Air Lines Flight 401 (a Lockheed L-1011 TriStar) crashes on approach to Miami International Airport, Florida, killing 101.
1975 : A terrorist bomb is exploded in the main terminal of New York’s LaGuardia Airport, killing 11 people.
1985 – Phil Donahue and a Soviet radio commentator hosted the “Citizens’ Summit” via satellite TV.
1987 : Cardinal Miguel Obanda and Nicaragua’s President Daniel Ortega were to meet and negotiate a possible truce between American backed Contra insurgents and Ortega’s Sandinista government.
1989 – Riots break-out after Hong Kong decides to forcibly repatriate Vietnamese refugees.
1991 – Boeing 747-200F of China Airlines crash into mountain at Taipei

Obama’s Golf Game Forces Army Couple To Move Wedding At Last Minute

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