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Pentagon Official: Why Obama Made The Taliban Trade

Revealed: Hunt for Bowe Bergdahl left troops unprotected in infamous Afghan battle that left EIGHT U.S. soldiers dead and 22 wounded and produced two Medal of Honor recipients

Ukraine Crisis: Kiev’s Slovyansk ‘Anti-Terrorist Operation’ Kills 300 Pro-Russian Separatists

Deadly Ukraine Fighter Jet Bombing Caught On Tape

Collision Course
Russian jet nearly collides with U.S. surveillance aircraft in ‘reckless’ intercept in Asia

Ten Nigerian Generals Found Guilty of Aiding and Abetting Boko Haram

Turkey cuts off the Euphrates River

Today in Cold War History for June 4
1954 France grants Vietnam independence inside French Union
1960 – The Taiwan island of Quemoy was hit by 500 artillery shells fired from the coast of Communist China.
1961 – In the Vienna summit, the Soviet premier Nikita Khrushchev sparks the Berlin Crisis by threatening to sign a separate peace treaty with East Germany and ending American, British and French access to East Berlin.
1962 Lee Harvey Oswald departs Rotterdam on SS Maasdam to U.S.
1970 – Tonga gains independence from the United Kingdom.
1974 – Sally Murphy became the first woman to qualify as an aviator with the U.S. Army.
1979 – Flight Lieutenant Jerry Rawlings takes power in Ghana after a military coup in which General Fred Akuffo is overthrown.
1986 – Jonathan Pollard pleads guilty to espionage for selling top secret United States military intelligence to Israel.
1989 – Ali Khamenei is elected as the new Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran by the Assembly of Experts after the death and funeral of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini.
1989 – The Tiananmen Square protests are violently ended in Beijing by the People’s Liberation Army, with at least 241 dead.
1989 – Solidarity’s victory in the first (somewhat) free parliamentary elections in post-war Poland sparks off a succession of peaceful anti-communist revolutions in Eastern Europe, leads to the creation of the so-called Contract Sejm and begins the Autumn of Nations.
1991 1st post WW II non-communist government in Albania

Lockheed to deliver first of 36 F-16s to Iraq this week


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