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Show Notes:

Russia stages first Red Square May Day parade since Soviet days

War in Europe? Ukraine and the Threat of Wildfire

Saudi Arabia Shows Off Chinese Missiles

¡Ay, caramba! Mexican military invading U.S.

Syrian forces poised to recapture Homs after truce agreed with rebels

Gordon Brown calls for UK military aid in hunt for abducted Nigerian girls

Today in Cold War History
1953 – Feisal II installed as king of Iraq
1953 – Hussein I installed as king of Jordan
1956 – US Lab detects high-temperature microwave radiation from Venus
1962 – US performs atmospheric nuclear test at Christmas Island
1963 – Berthold Seliger launches a rocket with three stages and a maximum flight altitude of more than 100 kilometres near Cuxhaven. It is the only sounding rocket developed in Germany.
1964 – Vietnam War: An explosion sinks the USS Card while it is docked at Saigon. Viet Cong forces are suspected of placing a bomb on the ship. She is raised and returned to service less than seven months later.
1966 – The United States has admitted firing an artillery barrage into Neutralist Cambodia as part of an offensive against Viet Cong troops, the B52 bombers were sent from Guam to help slow the north Vietnamese offensive.
1971 – Anti War demonstrators in the Capitol were foiled by mass arrests from squads of police using tear gas and batons to break up large crowds of protesters and arrested over 6000 protesters who were trying to stop traffic flowing in the capitol.
1975 -US Navy departs Vietnamese waters at end of evacuation.
1975- “USS Midway off-loaded at Utapao, Thailand, over 40 USAF helicopters used in South Vietnam evacuation operations”
1982 – Falklands War: The British nuclear submarine HMS Conqueror sinks the Argentine cruiser ARA General Belgrano.
1986 – The Chernobyl Disaster: The City of Chernobyl is evacuated six days after the disaster
1989 – Hungary begins dismantling its border fence with Austria, which allows a number of East Germans to defect.
1990 South Africa and African National Congress open talks to end apartheid

“Graffiti is not murder”: Israel Blasts Inclusion of Jewish “Settlers” in US Terror Report


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