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Military vehicles move along Red Square in Moscow during the Victory Day parade

Show Notes:

Admiral Warns that Risk of Nuclear Conflict Is Growing

US welcomes Japan’s new arms export guidelines

Top Senate Republican Says Obama ‘Disarmed America’

Stop tantrums and practice some yoga, Russia tells US

CAIR Leader Helps Muslim Brotherhood Launch Political Party In The U.S.

Two drug tunnels, with rail systems, found at U.S.-Mexico border–finance.html

Today in Cold War History
1949 – Twelve nations sign the North Atlantic Treaty creating the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.
1960 – France agrees to grant independence to the Mali Federation, a union of Senegal and French Sudan.
1965 – The first model of the new Saab Viggen fighter aircraft is unveiled.
1967 – The U.S. lost its 500th plane over Vietnam.
1968 – Martin Luther King, Jr. is assassinated by James Earl Ray at a motel in Memphis, Tennessee. Robert F. Kennedy’s speech on the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr.
1968 – Apollo program: NASA launches Apollo 6.
1973 – The World Trade Center in New York is officially dedicated.
1973 – A Lockheed C-141 Starlifter, dubbed the Hanoi Taxi, makes the last flight of Operation Homecoming.
1975 – Vietnam War: Operation Baby Lift – A United States Air Force Lockheed C-5A Galaxy transporting orphans, crashes near Saigon, South Vietnam shortly after takeoff; 172 die.
1981 – The Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force mounts an attack on H-3 Airbase and destroys about 50 Iraqi aircraft.
1983 – Space Shuttle Challenger makes its maiden voyage into space (STS-6).
1984 – President Ronald Reagan calls for an international ban on chemical weapons.
1987 – The U.S. charged the Soviet Union with wiretapping a U.S. Embassy.

$6 Billion Goes Missing at State Department


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