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3rd Party time ? Ancient Artifact Obama Gave Iran is a Fake from 1999, Greek police ‘infiltrated’ by Golden Dawn, Franco-fascism on the march in Spain, RNC Chair: Hillary Should Return Donations from McAuliffe’s Convicted Pal, Bob Costas on Redskins, chaos at walmart, Liberal Radio Host Bill Press Attacks Veterans As “Idiots,” Should Have “Hanged Ted Cruz In Effigy At The Memorial”, WaPo Writer Refers to Cruz as ‘Ted bin Laden’, Obamacare ‘navigator’ in Kansas has outstanding arrest warrant


Visa Subsidiary Cuts Ties with Nation’s Largest Gun Shop

Report: Pundits for war with Syria failed to disclose defense industry ties

MOSCOW: Riots break out against Muslim migrants after a local man is stabbed by one of them

1947 – Captain Chuck Yeager of the U.S. Air Force flies a Bell X-1 rocket-powered experimental aircraft, the Glamorous Glennis, faster than the speed of sound – over the high desert of Southern California – and becomes the first pilot and the first airplane to do so in level flight.
1949 – Eleven leaders of the American Communist Party are convicted, after a nine-month trial in a Federal District Court, of conspiring to advocate the violent overthrow of the U.S. Federal Government.
1949 – Chinese Civil War: Chinese Communist forces occupy the city of Guangzhou (Canton), in Guangdong, China.
1952 – Korean War: United Nations and South Korean forces launch Operation Showdown against Chinese strongholds at the Iron Triangle. The resulting Battle of Triangle Hill is the biggest and bloodiest battle of 1952.
1958 – The American Atomic Energy Commission, with supporting military units, carries out an underground nuclear weapon test at the Nevada Test Site, just north of Las Vegas, Nevada.
1962 – The Cuban Missile Crisis begins: A U.S. Air Force U-2 reconnaissance plane and its pilot fly over the island of Cuba and take photographs of Soviet missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads being installed and erected in Cuba.
1964 – Leonid Brezhnev becomes the General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, and thereby, along with his allies – such as Alexei Kosygin – the leader of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR), ousting the former monolithic leader Nikita Khrushchev, and sending him into retirement as a nonperson in the USSR.
1968 – Vietnam War: The United States Department of Defense announces that the U.S. Army and U.S. Marine Corps will send about 24,000 soldiers and Marines back to Vietnam for involuntary second tours of duty in the combat zone there.
1968 – Apollo program: The first live TV broadcast, by American astronauts in orbit, was performed by the Apollo 7 crew.
1973 – In the Thammasat student uprising over 100,000 people protest in Thailand against the Thanom military government; 77 are killed and 857 are injured by soldiers.
1981 – Vice President Hosni Mubarak is elected as the President of Egypt one week after the assassination of the President of Egypt, Anwar Sadat.

Saudi Gazette Calls Republicans “Jihadists”, Carrying Out “Suicide Attacks”

Debt Ceiling: China Calls for World to Be ‘De-Americanised’


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